Biological and Artificial Intelligence

Neuro140 | Neuro 240


02/03/2021. 6-7pm ET.  Tutorial 1
We will be covering two topics mainly:
1. All the tools necessary for Assignment 1, and future assignments. This includes - git, conda, jupyter, PyTorch .
2. An introduction to using these above tools for Machine Learning.
If you're choosing "Track A" for assignment 1, please try to make it to this tutorial as it will help you solve bugs you might be running into!
Zoom Link:

Link to Tutorial 1 video | Link to slides

02/10/2021. 6-7:30PM ET. Tutorial 2
We will be covering a bunch of topics including:
1. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) - Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
2. Generative models and GAN
3. Adversarial Examples
Zoom Link:

Link to Tutorial 2 video | Link to slides

02/19/2021. 3-4PM ET  Tutorial 3.
We will cover a number of topics including:
1. transfer learning from pretrained models
2. image classification
3. generative models (e.g., autoencoders)
The tutorial will be based entirely in Colab and is designed specifically to give beginners and intermediate practitioners some programmatic starting points to pursue a variety of projects. Sample code for using StyleGAN2-ADA, image transformers and various other state-of-the-art models will be included.
Zoom Link:
03/05/2021. 11 AM Tutorial 4
This will again be an applied tutorial, entirely on Google Colab. Topics will include:
1. Mapping artificial neural data to biological neural data in the mouse brain,
2. Exploring bias in NLP models,
3. Use of StyleGAN2 Zoom link:

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