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Stroop TaskTang et al. Cascade of neural processing orchestrates cognitive control in human frontal cortex. eLife (2016). PDF. A dynamic and hierarchical sequence of steps in human frontal cortex orchestrates cognitivie control.



Singeretal2014Singer and Kreiman. Asynchrony disrupts object recognition. Journal of Vision (2014). PDF. Visual recognition was significantly disrupted by asynchronies of approximately 30 ms, suggesting that spatiotemporal integration begins to break down with even small deviations from simultaneity.

Hembergetal2012Hemberg et al. Integrated genome analysis suggests that most conserved non-coding sequences are regulatory factor binding site. Nucleic Acids Research (2012). PDF. A method to build putative transcripts from high-throughput total RNA-seq data. (HATRIC)


BookMIT2011 Kriegeskorte and Kreiman. Understanding visual population codes MIT PRESS (2011). Towards a common multivariate framework for cell recording and functional imaging.




Rasche et al 2009Rasch et al From neurons to circuits: linear estimation of local field potentials. Journal of Neuroscience (2009). PDF Computational model to investigate the relationship between spikes and local field potential signals.

Neuron2009Liu et al. Timing, timing, timing: Fast decoding of object inforrmation from intracranial field potentials in human visual cortex. Neuron (2009). PDF Rapid responses along the ventral visual stream in the human brain show selectivity to faces and objects, tolerance to object transformations which can be decoded in single trials.

BookMIT2011 Kreiman. Identification of sparsely distributed clusters of cis-regulatory elements in sets of co-expressed genes. Nucleic Acids Research (2004). PDF. A method for de novo discovery of gene regulatory sequences for sets of co-regulated genes. (CISREGUL)



Su et al gene expression Su et al. A gene atlas of the mouse and human protein-encoding transcriptomes. PNAS (2004). PDF.


BookMIT2011 Zirlinger et al. Su et al. Amygdala-enriched genes identified by microarray technology are restricted to specific amygdaloid sub-nuclei. PNAS (2001). PDF. Microarray technology was used to examine the gene expression patterns of the different sub-nuclei within the amygdala.






BookMIT2011 Spike sorting software (Spiker) Extracellular recordings of spikes often capture the activity of multiple neurons in the vicinity of the microwire electrode. Spiker is an unsupervised algorithm to separate the different putative units.


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