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In the news

One Person, One Neuron? – Scientific American Mind

‘Jennifer Aniston Cell’ Study = Wins Top 100 CitationUniversity of Leices= ter Press Release = (10.1.2006)

 Brain Scientists find single cells that can think – Discover Magazine (1.1.06)

Featured as one of the= Top 100 Science Stories of 2005. Cover of Discover

Searching for the Person in the Brain R= 11; New York Times - Week in Review (5.2.06)

Jennifer Aniston strikes a nerve – <= b>Nature News (22.6.05)

Friends and grandmothers – Nature= news & views (23.6.05)

 One face, one neuron – Scientific American (10.05)

 Single neuron speaks – Scientific American Mind (10.05)

 Study shows how the brain recalls what tur= ns it on – LA Times (23.6.05)

 Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – New York Times (22.6.05)

Why your brain has a ‘Jennifer Anist= on cell’ – New Scientist (22.6.05)

Can a single cell think? – Discov= er (6.05)

A neuron with Halle Berry’s name on it – New York Times (5.7.05)

 Celebrity watch: just one brain cell requi= red – The Independent UK (23.6.05)

 Brain discovery may restore memory –= Daily Mail, UK (22.6.05)

 Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Washington Post (23.6.05)

 Study suggest a= brain cell recognizes a familiar image – Washington Times (23.6.05)

 Faculty of 1000=

 Eine fuer alles – Specktrumdirekt (24.6.05)

 Ein Neuron fuer Halle Berry – SWR2 (Radio) (25.6.05)

 Prueban que se utilizan pocas neuronas al identificar a alguienClarin (23.6.05)

Cover of Clarin 23.6.05.

 Radio Mitre= (23.6.05)

 Descubrieron donde y como= el cerebro guarda los recuerdos= La Nacion (23.6.05)

Cover of La Nacion 23.6.05

 Una neurona alcanza para reconocer al otroLa Razon<= /b> (23.6.05)

 Lo ultimo a la cabeza= Revista = Nueva (17.7.05)

 Pesquisa norte-= americanos descobre neuronio &= #8220;Halle Berry” – Fo= hla de S.Paulo (23.6.05)

 Individual brain cells “recognize= 221; famous people, study says – Boston Globe (22.6.05)

 Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Miami Herald (23.6.05)

 Famous faces may hold key to memory storage – Chicago Daily Herald (23.6.05)

 Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Fox News (22.6.05)

Study: Brain cells ‘recognize’= stars – CNN= (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – USA Today (23.6.05)

Celebrity photos prompt memory study breakthrough – ABC News (22.6.05)

Brain cells ‘Recognize’ famous people – WFMY News 2 Greensboro NC (22.6.05)

Study: Individual brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – NBC 4 (22.6.05)

Individual brain cells recognize famous pe= ople – Canadian TV news (22.6.05)

Single-cell recognition research find a Halle Berry neuron – UCL= A News (23.6.05)

Single-cell recognition: A Halle Berry brain cell – Caltech Press release (22.6.05)

Bioengineer discovers what makes your brain cells tick – University of Leicester press release (24.6.05)

Study finds even brain cells have favorite celebrities – Houston Chronicle (22.6.05)

Study shows how the brain recalls what tur= ns it on – South Florida Sun-Sentinel (23.6.05)

Individual brain cells “recognize Halle Berry, other stars, study says – San J= ose Mercury News (22.6.05)

Brain need just= one cell to recognize known people - The Scotsman (23.6.05)

 Images held in a single neuron – = The Australian (24.6.05)

 Some just have one thing in mind – Fairfax digital, Australia (24.5.05)

 Brain cells more complex than we think = 211; Cape Times, South Africa (24.6.05)

 New study can help understand elusive human memory – Web India 123 (23.6.05)

Jeniffer Anist= on resides in everyone’s brain – Web India 123 (26.6.05)

Celebrity images help identify cells ̵= 1; Times of India (23.6.05)

 Celebrity photos prompt memory study breakthrough – Reuters (23.6.05)

 Celebs on the brain?New York Newsday (22.6.05)

 Brain contain ‘celebrity cells’ – Live Science(22.6.05)

 Brain cells ‘recognize’ famous people – Yahoo News (22.6.05)

What touches the brain cell – Glo= be and Mail, Canada (22.6.05)

Research shows that brain cells can play favorites – Indianapolis Star (26.6.05)

Cosmos captures old times – Pasad= ena Star News (25.6.05)

‘Mind-snatchers’ isn’t a= movie – Pasadena Star News (25.6.05)

Celebrity photos help researchers study br= ain – Web MD<= /a> (22.6.05)

How human brain tunes into every person &#= 8211; Life Style Extra (23.6.05)  

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