2 July 2002 

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Single-neuron correlates of subjective vision in the human medial temporal lobe.
Kreiman G, Fried I, Koch C
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2002 Jun 11 99(12):8378-83 [abstract on PubMed] [order article]
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Evaluated 31 May 2002
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Melvyn Goodale
University of Western Ontario, Canada
This paper provides evidence from single-cell recording in human patients with intractable epilepsy that visually sensitive cells in the medial temporal lobe respond to a retinal stimulus only when it is perceived by the subject. This finding converges nicely with earlier work in the monkey demonstrating that the activity of visual neurons in inferotemporal cortex (in contrast to the activity of neurons in primary visual cortex) is correlated with visual phenomenology, rather than the stimulus on the retina.

Evaluated 31 May 2002

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