Figure S3: Multiple examples showing selectivity in IFP recordings

Examples from six electrodes that showed visual selectivity. The format and conventions are the same as in Figure 1A. The gray rectangle indicates the image presentation time and the electrode positions are indicated by the arrows in the small insets. Electrode locations: (A) left medial temporal (Talairach coordinates: -12.1 -58.3 -7); (B, C) right posterior subtemporal (Talairach coordinates: 43.4 -51.3 -13.1 and 48.3 -44.5 -19.3); (D, E) right posterior temporal (Talairach coordinates: 27.0 -66.0 3.0 and 38.0 -62.0 15.0); (F) left lateral temporal (Talairach coordinates: -39.7 -42.8 -20.0).