Supplementary Figure 2: Different frequency components of the LFP responses

(A) Power spectral density of the LFP responses averaged across sites (n=139) and images. We computed the power spectral density using the Welch method with a 256-point Hanning window using a 10 point overlap (Press et al., 1996). For each site, the power was normalized by the maximum across images; the error bars show s.d. across sites. The small dip at 60 Hz is an artifact of the digital notch filter applied on the data.
(B) Proportion of LFP recording sites (n=315) that showed significant selectivity (1-way ANOVA, p<0.001) for the LFP power in different frequency bands of the LFP signal (see Experimental Procedures). We also show the corresponding proportion using the amplitude of the LFP signal as the definition of LFP response.