Predicting episodic memory formation for movie events

Hanlin Tang, Jed Singer, Matias Ison, Gnel Pivazyan, Melissa Romaine, Rosa Frias, Elizabeth Meller, Adrianna Boulin, James Carroll, Victoria Perron, Sarah Dowcett, Marlise Arellano, Gabriel Kreiman

Figure W3: Definition of movie shots and cuts (Original version of Figure S1). Due to copyright issues, we had to replace the movie frames in the figure by artistic renderings. Here we show the original version of the figure and the actual frames that the subjects saw. A. Example movie shot from frame 8012 to frame 8073. Note the sharp visual transition between frame 8011 and 8012 as well as the one between frame 8073 and frame 8074 denoting movie cuts. The dashed lines and black borders were not presented during the movie or the recognition memory tests and are only shown here to illustrate the definition of cuts and shots. B. Approximately similar shots based on content annotations (Methods) were chosen across the two episodes to ensure that the foil shots were not trivially distinct from the target shots. Here we show the first frame of four shots from the Target episode (left) and first frames from four similar shots in the Foil Episode (right).

Figure W3