Cross-Task Specificity and Within-Task Invariance of Cognitive Control Processes

Yuchen Xiao, Chien-Chen Chou, Garth Rees Cosgrove, Nathan E Crone, Scellig Stone, Joseph R Madsen, Ian Reucroft, Yen-Cheng Shih, Daniel Weisholtz, Hsiang-Yu Yu, William S. Anderson, Gabriel Kreiman

Cell Reports (2023)

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Xiao Y, Chou C, Cosgrove GR, Crone NE, Stone S, Madsen JR, Reucroft I, Weisholtz D, Shih YC, Yu HY, Anderson WS, Kreiman G (2023) Cross-task specificity and within-task invariance of cognitive control processes. Cell Reports 42:111919. PDF | Supplementary Material

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