Robustness to two-object images in human visual cortex



Figure W3: Example responses to all exemplar pairs




For the electrode illustrated in Figure 1, here we show the responses to each pair of object exemplars. The scale bar is shown on the bottom left of the figure. Entry (i,j) indicates the responses obtained when the image contained exemplars i and j (i,j=1,…,25), averaged over different position combinations. The small number in each subplot (not easy to see without zooming) indicates the total number of repetitions averaged to obtain the response. There are a few missing entries, corresponding to exemplar combinations that were not presented within this recording session. In each recording session, the positions, exemplar combinations and order were randomized. At the top, we show each of the 25 exemplars (see Figure W1 for a larger version of the object images). The responses reveal consistently stronger responses in those trials that involved the preferred category for this electrode (human faces).