Robustness to two-object images in human visual cortex



Figure W8: Definition of response latency



fig_w8.jpg  We discuss two definitions of response latency in Figure 4.  Here we illustrate the computation of latency based on “Definition 2”. At each time point, we performed a one-way ANOVA to assess whether the variance in the IFP signal across categories was significantly different from the variance in the IFP within a category. The response latency was defined as the first time point where 15 consecutive bins yielded p<0.01 in the ANOVA analysis. Here we show the responses and latency analyses for the same electrode illustrated in Figure 1.

A. Responses to single object images. Each color corresponds to a separate object category (see Figure W01). On the top, we show the number of repetitions averaged in each curve. Error bars indicate one SEM (shown in one every 10 points for clarity). The gray rectangle denotes the image presentation time. The dotted line indicates the latency as determined in part D.

B. Responses to images containing two objects from the same category.

C. Responses to images containing two objects from different categories.

D-F. Point-by-point log10 of the p values obtained in the one-way ANOVA. The y-axis was cut at log10(p)=-8 for illustration purposes. The vertical dotted line indicates the latency.