Timing, timing, timing: Fast decoding of object information from intracranial field potentials in human visual cortex

Hesheng Liu, Yigal Agam, Joseph R. Madsen, Gabriel Kreiman

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Figure W1: Stimulus presentation scheme
Figure W2: Reproducibility across repetitions
Figure W3: Multiple examples showing selectivity in IFP recordings
Figure W4: Categorization of neural data using statistical classifiers
Figure W5: Distribution of classification performance values under the null hypothesis
Figure W6: Summary of selective responses
Figure W7: Comparison among different statistical classifiers
Figure W8: Selectivity in different frequency bands and IFP response definition
Figure W9: Correlation between IFP response and basic image properties
Figure W10: Identification versus categorization
Figure W11: Brain parcellation for electrode localization
Figure W12: Location of selective electrodes
Figure W13: Population analysis, selectivity
Figure W14: Population analysis separated by location, selectivity

Figure W15: Latency definition and parameter dependence
Figure W16: Latency for different locations
Figure W17: Fast decoding of visual information
Figure W18: Invariance to object transformations (example)
Figure W19: Summary of invariant responses
Figure W20: Location of invariant electrodes
Figure W21: Population analysis, invariance
Figure W22: Population analysis separated by location, invariance
Figure W23: Distribution of latency values for scale and rotation changes
Figure W24: Fast decoding of invariant visual information


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