Comparison of Discriminability During Active Discrimination vs Passive Viewing

Comparison of spike responses during active versus passive tasks. In the passive task, the animals were rewarded for maintaining fixation during presentation of the 77 objects. In the active task, two of these objects were chosen based on the ranking of the responses to the 77 objects. The animal was required to perform a Multiple Choice Match-to-Sample task in which the animal discriminated between the two objects during a 200 msec cue period. Reward was given for choosing the matching target object after a 500 msec delay period. Response rates were compared within the [100:200) msec window post stimulus onset in both tasks. The scatter plot (A) compares the discriminability (da) of the two objects across the two tasks. Histogram shows the distribution of the log2 ratio of the discriminability across the two tasks (see Supplementary Material).