Visual Population Codes -- edited by Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and Gabriel Kreiman

Chapter 18. Introduction to Statistical Learning and Pattern Classification (Jed Singer and Gabriel Kreiman)

We provide a non-exhaustive list of links that may help the user interested in implementing and/or using some of the ideas in this chapter.

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Numerical Recipes (The Art of Scientific Computing)
Center for Biological and Computational Learning at MIT
Literature and links to SVM software
Kreiman lab code repository
EEGLAB: MATLAB toolbox for ICA and other analyses on multichannel data
AFNI 3dsvm
Princeton MVPA toolbox
Python MVPA toolbox
LIBSVM toolbox

Stefano Panzeri's toolbox
Ethan Meyers' toolboxes
Fabrizio Gabbiani's spike train analysis techniques SVMhmm