Human or Machine? Turing-like Tests for Vision and Language

Zhang M, Dellaferrera G, Sikarwar A, Armendariz M, Mudrik N, Agrawal P, Madan S, Barbu A, Yang H, Kumar T, Sadwani M, Dellaferrera S, Pizzochero M, Pfister H, Kreiman G

arXiv 2211.13087

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GitHub Repository with all data and code (Coming Soon)

Manuscript PDF

Supplementary Material PDF

Data and code


Task 1 (Object recognition) [16 Mb]

Task 2 (Color recognition) [19 Mb]

Task 3 (Attention prediction) [42 Mb]

Task 4 (Image captioning) [929 Mb]

Task 5 (Word associations) [120 kb]

Task 6 (Conversations) [176 Mb]