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Visual Population Codes
– towards a common multivariate framework for cell recording and functional imaging


Publisher: MIT Press

Editors: Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and Gabriel Kreiman

List of chapters and authors

Gabriel Kreiman and Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

Chapter 1: Grandmother cells and distributed representations
Simon J. Thorpe

Chapter 2: Strategies for finding neural codes
Sheila Nirenberg

Chapter 3: Multineuron representations of visual attention
Jasper Poort, Arezoo Pooresmaeili and Pieter Roelfsema

Chapter 4: Decoding early visual representations from fMRI ensemble responses
Yukiyasu Kamitani

Chapter 5: Understanding visual representation by developing receptive-field models
Kendrick N. Kay

Chapter 6: System Identification, Encoding Models, and Decoding Models: A Powerful New Approach to fMRI Research
Jack L. Gallant, Shinji Nishimoto, Thomas Naselaris, and Michael C. K. Wu

Chapter 7: Population Coding of Object Contour Shape in V4 and Posterior Inferotemporal Cortex
Anitha Pasupathy and Scott L. Brincat

Chapter 8: Measuring Representational Distances: The Spike-Train Metrics Approach
Conor Houghton and Jonathan D. Victor

Chapter 9: The Role of Categories, Features, and Learning for the Representation of Visual Object Similarity in the Human Brain
Hans P. Op de Beeck

Chapter 10: Ultrafast Decoding from Cells in the Macaque Monkey
Chou P. Hung and James J. DiCarlo

Chapter 11: Representational Similarity Analysis of Object Population Codes in Humans, Monkeys, and Models
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and Marieke Mur

Chapter 12: Three Virtues of Similarity-Based Multivoxel Pattern Analysis: An Example from the Human Object Vision Pathway
Andrew C. Connolly, M. Ida Gobbini, and James V. Haxby

Chapter 13: Investigating High-Level Visual Representations: Objects, Bodies, and Scenes
Dwight J. Kravitz, Annie W-Y. Chan, and Chris Baker

Chapter 14: To Err Is Human: Correlating fMRI Decoding and Behavioral Errors to Probe the Neural Representation of Natural Scene Categories
Dirk B. Walther, Diane M. Beck, and Li Fei-Fei

Chapter 15: Decoding Visual Consciousness from Human Brain Signals
John-Dylan Haynes

Chapter 16: Probabilistic Codes and Hierarchical Inference in the Brain
Karl Friston

Chapter 17: Introduction to the Anatomy and Function of Visual Cortex
Kendra Burbank and Gabriel Kreiman

Chapter 18: Introduction to Statistical Learning and Pattern Classification
Jed Singer and Gabriel Kreiman

Chapter 19: Tutorial on Pattern Classification in Cell Recording
Ethan Meyers and Gabriel Kreiman

Chapter 20. Tutorial on Pattern Classification in Functional Imaging
Marieke Mur and Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

Chapter 21: Information-Theoretic Approaches to Pattern Analysis
Stefano Panzeri and Robin A. A. Ince

Chapter 22: Local Field Potentials, BOLD, and Spiking Activity: Relationships and Physiological Mechanisms
Philipp Berens, Nikos K. Logothetis, and Andreas S. Tolias