Genomics and bioinformatics of gene expression

7.344 Advanced Undergraduates Seminars Class
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Organizer: Bob Horvitz
Instructors: Uwe Ohler (Chris Burge's lab) and Gabriel Kreiman (Tommy Poggio's lab)
Schedule: Wednesdays 1:00-3:00 pm
Units: 2-0-4 (P/D/F)
Where: 68-151
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A large number of both normal and disease biological processes depend on specific spatial and temporal patterns of the expression of particular genes or groups of genes. The recent availability of DNA sequence information (from humans and other organisms) as well as high-throughput methods for the analysis of gene expression data (e.g., from microarrays) allow us to use computational algorithms to study gene expression (transcription). In this seminar we will focus on transcriptional initiation, regulation, and networks and on how expression levels are measured using high-throughput techniques. We will discuss recent advances in the methods of genomics and bioinformatics available to a biologist interested in this area of research. Many of these tools also have applications in other areas of biological research.