Current Classes

HMS 230 (Neurobiology/Biophysics): Visual object recognition

Brains, Minds and Machines Summer Course -Flyer

MBB980d A Systems Neurosicence Approach to Conscious Perceptual Experience


Previous Classes at Harvard

HMS 230/300: Visual object recognition 2007 2008 2011

Biophysics300 2009-2013

HMS 204 (Neurobiology): Neurophysiology of Central Circuits

MCB 145: Neurobiology of Perception and Decision Making - Naoshige Uchida - Slides

Matlab code for computational neuroscience intro

Previous Classes at MIT

MIT IAP Course: The Quest for Consciousness

MIT course 7.344: Genomics and bioinformatics of transcription

Previous Classes at CalTech

Caltech Bi/CNS 163

CNS 100: Introduction to Computational and Neural Systems