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Sep 2015. Inception: towards high-level brain machine interface for the visually impaired. Gabriel Kreiman. Wills Eye Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

Sep 2015. Pattern completion during visual recognition. Gabriel Kreiman. Brown University.

Sep 2015. CBMM Workshop. A Turing++ Question: Who is there?

Aug 2015. Brains, Minds and Machines Summer Course -- Woods Hole, MA. Aug-13-2015 through Sep-02-2015

May 2015: The formation of episodic memories in the human brain. Gabriel Kreiman. Klingenstein-Simons Meeting. New York.

May 2015: Lighthouse Guild Recognizes Krzysztof Palczewski and Gabriel Kreiman for Their Outstanding Contributions to Vision Science

April 2015: Biological and computational codes in vision. Gabriel Kreiman. Singapore.

March 2015: Pattern completion in the brain. Gabriel Kreiman. Vanderbilt University.

Nov 2014: Human Single Unit Conference. Baltimore, MD.

Aug 2014: Understanding what happens inside the mind. MIT Technology Review

Sep 2014: Brain prosthesis devices to improve memory. Article 1. Article 2. Article 3.

June 2014: Hacking the Soul

May 2014: Brains, Minds, and Machines. A Special Topics Course at MBL, Woods Hole, MA - Flyer

December 2013: Brainlike Computers, Learning From Experience

October 2013: Introduction to the new Center for Brains, Minds and Machines

September 2013: MIT News - Artificial-intelligence research revives its old amibitions

September 2013: Center for Brain Science- $25 million NSF grant to team including 6 CBS faculty

June 2013: - Deciphering Neural Codes

May 2013: Charla del neurocientifico Gabriel Kreiman "Reconocimiento visual: modelos y neuronas"

April 2013: Adevarul - Existenta liberului arbitru, pusa sub semnul intrebarii de o serie de studii neurologice

May 2012: Neurologistas e neurocirurgioes discutem desafios comuns

December 2011:Frontiers in Perception Science -- Special Issue on "The timing of visual recognition"

September 2011: Taking Aim at Free Will

June 2011: New Findings on Free Will

Nov 2010: Sociefy for Neuroscience Career Development Award Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

September 2010: OnlyHardwareBlog - Improving Cognition In Computers

August 2010: USNews - Improving Cognition In Computers

May 2010: NSF Career Award

Jan 2010: Stanley Anderson receives NIH K08 award

September 2009: Announcement of New Innovator Awards

March 2008: See our discussion about "grandmother" cells in TICS 2008 (see also the cover at TICS)

Sept 2006: We moved! We are now at Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School

April 2006: Brain researchers see visual role for growth factor

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Quarterly Review of Biology. Neurobiology. (2013)

Scientific American. How Free is Your Will? Daniela Schiller and David Camel. (2011)

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Dangers of Brain-O-Vision. Daniel Wegner (2007). Science 315:1078

Faculty of 1000 recommendation on "Object selectivity of local field potentials and spikes in the macaque inferior temporal cortex" (2006)

Nature News and Views: Friends and grandmothers. Charles E. Connor. Nature (2005) 435:1036-1037

Faculty of 1000 recommendation on "Gene expression changes and molecular pathways mediating activity-dependent plasticity in visual cortex".

Faculty of 1000 recommendation on "Invariant visual representation by single neurons in the human brain" by Quiroga et al.

Faculty of 1000 recommendation on "Consciousness and Neurosurgery" by Crick et al.

Faculty of 1000 recommendation on "Single neuron correlates of subjective vision in the human medial temporal lobe" by Kreiman et al.

Single neurons track your conscious vision - Science and Consciousness Review - 08/02/2002 [htt://]

Imagine... Peter Collins. Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2001) 2:9

Nature Neuroscience News and Views: Coding for visual categories in the human brain. Charles Gross. Nature Neuroscience (2000) 3:855-856

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