Panel discussion: Vision vs. Audition (2015)
Computational Neuroscience (2015)

Confesiones del cerebro humano (2013). Part 1
Pattern completion. NIPS 2015

Neural circuits for intelligence: Neurons and Models. 2014
Vision and Cognition (Jed Singer, 2013)







November 2016. Single Neuron Recordings in The Human Brain. Third Meeting. Pasadena. 

March 2016: Biophysical principles of brain oscillations and their meaning for information processing. Cosyne Workshop.

November 2014. Single Neuron Recordings in The Human Brain. Second Meeting. Baltimore. 

November 2011. Single Neuron Recordings in The Human Brain. First Meeting. New York.

October 21, 2009: Society for Neuroscience Minisymposium. Advances in recording human brain signals

Aug 26, 2009: European Conference on Visual Processing 2009. Workshop. Decoding visual information

March 03, 2008: Cosyne Workshop. Characterizing and decoding distributed brain representations

Boston Museum of Science. Science-by-Mail Program

Boston Brain Bee Competition. Society for Neuroscience. Teacher-Neuroscientist Parternship Program

Editor, Psyche, Journal of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Children's Hospital Boston, COACH program (Career Opportunity Advancement Children's Hospital)

Society for Neuroscience Champions