Transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes

Supplementary material and resources from "Identification of sparsely distributed clusters of cis regulatory elements in sets of co-expressed genes" by Gabriel Kreiman

Supplemental figure 3

Supplementary Figure 3: Top scoring result for the CLB2 cluster in yeast Location of the two motifs (red rectangle = SFF-like motif, and blue diamond = MCM-like motif) from the top module in the set of 12 genes from the CLB2 cluster in yeast (Table 2). The study of Spellman et al. (1998) found MCM+SFF sites in all of these genes except NUM1. Shaded boxes correspond to the MCM+SFF occurrences from the study of Pic et al (41). The algorithm was ran with the following parameters: maximum distance between motifs = 25 bp, maximum number of motifs = 2, no order constraint, minimum number of genes with module = 4, maximum upstream region = 1000 bp. The enrichment p value (see Methods) was 10^-17.