People - Alumni


  Former Graduate Students and Postdocs  
Yigal Agam Yigal Agam (postdoc) Instructor in Psychiatry, MGH, Harvard
William Anderson William Stanley Anderson (K08) Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Feraz Azhar Feraz Azhar (postdoc) Graduate Student, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge
Arjun Bansal

Arjun Bansal (postdoc)

Co-founder Nervana Systems

Cain Buia Cain Buia (postdoc) McKinsey Consulting
Kendra Burbank Kendra Burbank (postdoc) Instructor, University of Chicago
Malea Espanol Malea Espanol (G) Assistant Professor, The University of Akron
Martin Hemberg Martin Hemberg Group Leader, Welcome Trust Sanger Institute
Wu Ip Wui Ip Medical Student, Harvard Medical School
Radhika Madhavan Radhika Madhavan Research Scientist, GE
Thomas Miconi Thomas Miconi Research Scientist, The Neuroscience Institute
Rajamanickam Murugan Rajamanickam Murugan Professor, India Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras
Jedediah Singer Jedediah Singer Data Scientist
Hanlin Tang Hanlin Tang Research Scientist, Nervana Systems





Former Researchers

Tais Alemar Tais Alemar (UG) Graduate Student, St. John's University, New York City
Meredith Alfred Meredith Alfred Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Pamela Ardizzone Pamela Ardizzone (UG) Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Marlise Arlellano Marlise Arlellano (UG)  
Asante Badu Asante Badu (UG) Undergraduate at Harvard University
Emma Barker Emma Barker

Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College

Katelyn Barry Katelyn Barry (UG) Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Amir Bitran Amir Bitran (UG) Graduate Student, Harvard University
Julie Blumberg Julie Blumberg  
Adrianna Boulin Adrianna Boulin (UG) Founder of JAMAKIN ME SMART, Incorporated
Veronica Camara Veronica Ann Camara (UG) Graduate Student at Regis College
Jessica Cappucci Jessica Cappucci (Coordinator)  
James Carroll James Carroll (UG)  
Danielle Christy Danielle Christy (UG) Mental Health Worker at Monte Nido & Affiliates
Sheila Drakeley Sheila Drakeley (UG) Research Assistant II - Cardiology at Boston Children's Hospital
Sarah Dowcett Sarah Dowcett (UG) Clinical Assistant at Boston Children's Hospital
Katherine Fazioli Katherine Fazioli (UG) Research Assistant at Harvard Medical School
Wendy Fernandez Guaba Wendy Fernandez Guaba Undergraduate Student at the City College of New York
Melanie Fu Melanie Fu (UG) Undergraduate Student at Harvard University
McKayla Finneran McKayla Finneran (UG) Clinical Assistant at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Rosa Frias Rosa Frias (UG) Translational Oncology Research Technician at Gustave Roussy
Meron Girmaiy Meron Girmaiy (UG) Program Coordinator at Ascentria Care Alliance
Camille Gomez-Laberge Camille Gomez-Laberge  
Eshan Govil Eshan Govil (High School) Undergraduate Student at Caltech
Laura Groomes Laura Groomes (UG) Medical Student at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Daniel Hanover Daniel Hanover (High School) Computer Science Major at the University of Pennsylvania
Walter Hardesty

Walter Hardesty (UG)

Medical student, The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Caroline Harley Caroline Harley Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Sandra Hernandez Sandra Hernandez Health Coach and Yoga Instructor
Kaley Jenney Kaley Jenney Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Tessa Kaslewicz Tessa Kaslewicz MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapist
Andrew Kim Andrew Kim  
Emma Krause Emma Krause Student at Harvard Medical School
Phil Kuhnke Phil Kuhnke Ph.D. Candidate - Neurolinguistics at Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Ishika Kulatilaka Ishika Kulatilaka Data Science Consultant
Certain Solar
Garrett Lam
Garrett Lam
Nicholas Lavorna
Nicholas Lavorna
Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Christina Leahy Christina Leahy Emergency Room Technician at Brigham and Women's Hospital
Brenda Li Brenda Li Research Assistant at New York University
Joanna Li Joanna Li  
Hoey Chyi Lim Hoey Chyi Lim Project Coordinator at Harvard Clinical Research Institute
Randall Lin Randall Lin Research Engineer at Halo Neuroscience
Frank Maldonado Frank Maldonado Analyst at Peter J Solomon Company
Daniel Martinez Daniel Lopez Martinez PhD Student at MIT Media Lab and Harvard University
Elizabeth Meller Elizabeth Meller  
Nambi Nallasmi Nambi Nallasami MIT-Harvard HST Student; Founder of MedicalPlexus
Ana Paredes Ana Julia Nascimento Leite Paredes  
Nida Naushad Nida Naushad Undergraduate Student, Harvard University
Lulia Negau Iulia Negau Graduate Student, Harvard University
Jose Ortega Josue Ortega PhD student in Computational Biology at Baylor College of Medicine
Ayotunde Odejayi Ayotunde Odejayi Xeon Phi Design Verification Intern at Intel
Jessie Pascal Jessie Pascal Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Patricia Pedreira Patricia Pedreira Research Assistant at University of Miami, Child Health Lab
Victoria Perron Victoria Perron Undergraduate at Boston College
Gnel Pivazyan Gnel Pivazyan Medical Student, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Manon Remy Manon Remy  
Melissa Romaine Melissa Romaine  
Candace Ross Candace Ross Graduate Student, MIT
Justin Sanchez

Justin Sanchez


Undergraduate at Harvard University
Colin Schaefer

Collin Schaefer


Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Andre Souffrant Andre Souffrant Quality Assurance Automation Engineer at HealthFortis
Vanessa Tan Vanessa Tan Engineering Manager at Quora
Gabriela Taveras Gabriela Taveras Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Jane Tingley Jane Tingley Monitoring and Evaluation, Communications and Reporting Officer at Relief International
Enrique Tobis Enrique Tobis Software Engineer, Two Sigma
Tuyen Tran Tuyen Tran  
Ben Tsuda Ben Tsuda PhD student at the University of California, San Diego
Katterin Vargas Katterin Vargas Undergraduate Student at Emmanuel College
Pricila Vieria-Gameiro Pricila Vieria-Gameiro  
Jasmine Yan Jasmine Yan  
Ege Yumusak Ege Yumusak Undergraduate Student, Harvard University