Figure S12: Location of individual electrodes showing selectivity

A. Fraction of electrodes that showed selectivity in each area where we recorded from at least 10 electrodes. The location of each electrode is based on co-registering the MR and CT scans for each subject (see Figure S11, Table S2 and Supplementary Material). The number before each location abbreviation indicates the “area code” within the parcellation maps in (Desikan et al., 2006) (Table S2). Locations in the occipital lobe have are depicted with gray bars and locations in the temporal lobe are depicted with a black bar. Here and throughout the manuscript, locations in the right and left hemisphere were pooled together. B. Mean classification performance for each location. Error bars indicate SEM. The dashed horizontal line shows chance performance (0.5) and the dotted line shows the selectivity threshold (see Figure S5).