Figure S17: Fast decoding of object category

Classification performance as a function of time from stimulus onset. Each color corresponds to an object category (red=animals, green=chairs, blue=faces, black=fruits, yellow=vehicles). Here the classifier was trained using individual bins of size ô (A, D. ô=25 ms, B, E. ô=50 ms, c, f. ô=100 ms). In A-C, we used the power of the IFP signal in each bin whereas in D-F we used the range of the IFP signal in each bin. The horizontal dashed lines denote the chance performance value of 0.5 and the significance threshold value (note that this threshold is different from the one in Figure S5 because we are using a much smaller window here). The vertical dashed lines mark 100 ms intervals to facilitate visualizing the dynamics of the responses. The average across all the categories in part B is reported in Figure 3B in the main text.