Figure S18: Responses to all objects/transformations for the electrode in Figure 4

A. Expanding on the presentation in Figure 4, here we show the IFPs of the same electrode to all the objects (each row corresponds to a separate object) and transformations (each column corresponds to a separate transformation). The top row shows an example of the transformations for only one of the objects. Columns 2 and 3 correspond to two scaled versions (visual angle of 1.5 degrees and 6 degrees respectively) of the standard image (visual angle of 3 degrees) and columns 4 and 5 correspond to two rotated versions of the original image (~45 and 90 degree rotation). Object category is indicated by the response color. The strong response and invariance across objects and transformations shows that the results are not due to selectivity or robustness for one particular exemplar object only. B. Average response to each object and transformation. Same data as in part A, showing a single response value for each electrode (signal range in the interval from 50 to 300 ms).