Robustness to two-object images in human visual cortex

Yigal Agam, Hesheng Liu, Alexander Papanastassiou, Calin Buia, Alexandra J. Golby, Joseph R. Madsen and Gabriel Kreiman

Current Biology 2010

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Work to cite in connection with these data: Agam Y, Liu H, Papanastassiou A, Biua C, Golby A, Madsen J, Kreiman G. (2010) Robustness to two-object images in human visual cortex. Current Biology 29:872-879. Article PDF || Supplementary Material

(1) Additional web figures

Figure W1: Stimuli and stimulus presentation scheme
Figure W2: Suppression index for exemplars and categories
Figure W3: Example responses to all exemplar pairs
Figure W4: Decoding object information in cluttered images in single trials
Figure W5: Comparison of responses to target-present images versus target-absent images
Figure W6: Eye-tracking data
Figure W7: Location of visually selective electrodes
Figure W8: Definition response latency
Figure W9: About notch filters
Figure W10: Intracranial field potentials and receptive fields in human temporal cortex

(2) Data


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