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Welcome to The Kreiman Lab

bookcoverVisual Population Codes -- MIT Press 2011

Mind the quantum? -- Trends in Cognitive Science 2013

Temporal stability of visually selective responses in human visual cortex -- J. Neurophysiology 2012 

Reverse plasticity rule in top-down connections -- PLoS Computational Biology 2012

Most conserved non-coding sequences are regulatory factor binding sites -- Nucleic Acids Research 2012

Theory on the coupled stochastic dynamics of transcription and splicing -- PLoS Computational Biology 2012

Frontiers in Perception Science -- Special Issue on "The timing of visual recognition"--- Frontiers in Perception Science 2011

Internally Generated Preactivation of Single Neurons in Human Medial Frontal Cortex Predicts Volition -- Neuron 2011

Enhancers show Pol II binding and transcription! --- Nature 2010

Robustness to clutter in human visual cortex --- Current Biology 2010

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