IN THE NEWS - Nature 2000

Imagine... Peter Collins. Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2001) 2:9

Brain sets sights on mind's eye. Science News (2000) 158:376

Study sheds new light on how the "mind's eye" works. Roxanne Moster. Eureka Alert, AAAS. Nov-16-2000

Researchers take glimpse into "mind's eye". Usha Sutliff. Pasadena Star News Nov-16-2000.

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Identifying images that excite the brain's neurons. Tom Siegfried. The Dallas Morning News. May-14-2001

A face that rings a bell ... and fires a neuron. Tom Siegfried. The Dallas Morning News. April-09-2001

Imaginar e ver são o mesmo para o cérebro. CNN Brazil (portuguese)

Imaginar e ver. Correio braziliense 03-25-2001 (portuguese)

Imaginar e ver é a mesma coisa para o cérebro. Matias Loewi. Jornal da ciencia 03-12-2001 (portuguese)

Argia burmuinari. Roa Zubia. (Euskara)

Tapa La Nación, 16-nov-2000 (Spanish)

La Nacion - Joke by Nik

Identifican neuronas individuales que intervienen en la imaginación. Nora Bar. La Nación 16-nov-2000 (Spanish)

Imagery neurons in the human brain: Everhart Lecture Series 2000, GSC newsletter, announcement and abstract

Humor por Nick, La Nación, 17-nov-2000 (Spanish)

Caltech Press Release, Robert Tindol, 11-15-2000

UCLA Press Release, Roxanne Moster, 11-15-2000 Noticia destacada (Spanish)

Develan los misterios de la imaginación. Diario Hoy de La Plata 11-17-01 (Spanish)

All In A Mind's Eye. Far News on line