Object selectivity of local field potentials and spikes in the macaque inferior temporal cortex
Supplementary Material 
Gabriel Kreiman*, Chou P. Hung*, Alexander Kraskov, Rodrigo Quiroga, Tomaso Poggio, James J. DiCarlo
Center for Biological and Computational Learning
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Computation and Systems Biology Initiative
McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*These two authors contributed equally to this work    
  Supplementary Figures      
    Supplementary Figure 1    
    Supplementary Figure 2    
    Supplementary Figure 3    
    Supplementary Figure 4    
    Supplementary Figure 5    
    Supplementary Figure 6    
    Supplementary Figure 7    
    Supplementary Figure 8    
  Properties of LFPs      
    Power spectrum    
    Principal components    
  Selectivity of LFPs      
    Detailed example    
    200 ms presentation example    
    Correlation with basic image properties  
    Comparison of selectivity with different presentation times  
  Selectivity vs time      
    LFP responses extend beyond MUA responses  
    Lower frequencies in the LFPs show a more sustained response  
  Object preference biases across the population      
    Population preferences for objects and groups of objects  
    Summary of within group selectivity    
  Selectivity of spikes and LFPs      
    Sparsenss of MUA and LFP responses  
    No correlation between sparseness of MUA and LFP at each site  
    Criteria for object selectivity    
  Spikes versus LFPs      
    Spikes versus LFP in different analysis windows  
    Spikes versus LFP for 200 ms presentation case  
  LFP responses outside visual cortex      
    No visual selectivity in the LFPs outside visual cortex  
  Time course       
    Time course of MUA and LFP responses  
  Spatial scale      
    Examples of the spiking activity around the LFP recording site  
    Spatial scale of LFPs with distance noise simulation  
    Correlation between LFP and average spike activity with distance noise simulation  
    Correlation between LFP and individual sites as a function of distance  
    Images used in this study    
    Coronal MR site map    
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